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Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse Counseling
Mental   health   is   just   as   important   as   physical   health   when   it   comes   to   overall well-being.   The   same   barriers   that   someone   who   is   homeless   and/or   uninsured might   encounter   when   seeking   primary   medical   care   are   also   present   when seeking   behavioral   health   services.   Mental   health   disorders   affect   an   estimated 22%   of   American   adults   and   impacts   our   ability   to   cope   with   everyday   demands and to interact with others. When   a   patient   is   initially   seen   at   the   Health   Care   Center   for   the   Homeless (HCCH),   they   are   assessed   for   multiple   needs   that   we   may   be   able   to   address, including   mental   health   and   substance   abuse   issues.   Behavioral   health   services at   our   clinic,   the   Orange   Blossom   Family   Health   Center,   are   provided   by   licensed mental   health   counselors   and   a   psychiatric   nurse   practitioner.   Our   team   of counselors   conducts   mental   health   and   substance   abuse   sessions,   individual talk   therapy,   and   makes   referrals   for   detoxification   and   crisis   centers.   Our psychiatric   nurse   practitioner   prescribes   and   manages   medications   on   an   on- going   basis   for   our   homeless   clients   with   chronic   behavioral   health   issues.   Our Health   Center   is   an   approved   site   for   graduate   level   mental   health   interns   and students.   Through   individualized   treatment   plans,   our   team   is   empowering   their clients to make better choices in gaining control of their lives. Mental   illness   is   as   serious   as   any   "physical"   illness   and   does   not   discriminate based   on   age,   race,   or   income.   Untreated   it   can   result   in   physical   disability, substance   abuse,   unemployment,   and   homelessness.   With   a   combination   of therapy   and   medication,   the   majority   of   people   who   suffer   from   serious   mental illness   have   a   strong   chance   of   reduction   in   symptoms   and   an   improved   quality of life.
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Health Care Center for the Homeless
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