Health Care Center for the Homeless 232 North Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, Florida 32805 (407) 428-5751 Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Contact us for extended hours.
Department Contacts
ADMINISTRATION Bakari Burns, MPH, MBA President/Chief Executive Officer 407-428-5751 Ext. 1332 Jeff Bowman, MBAHCM Chief Operating Officer 407-428-5751 Ext. 1500 Sandra McClellan Executive Assistant to the CEO Director of Community Partnerships 407-428-5751 Ext. 1344 BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Dewey Wooden, LMHC Director of Behavioral Health 407-428-5751 Ext. 1315 DENTAL CLINIC Rosalinda Jimenez Director of Oral Health Services 407-428-1672 Ext. 1341 Dental Front Desk 407-428-1672 FINANCE Priscilla Seppi Comptroller 407-428-5751 Ext. 1346
DEVELOPMENT & Fundraising Terri Betts Director of Development 407-428-5751 Ext. 1326
PHARMACY Jomeera Mahone, Pharm. D, RPH Chief Pharmacy Officer 407-428-5751 Ext. 322 Prescription Refill Line 407-428-5751 Ext. 1324
Health Care Center for the Homeless
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VISION CLINIC Jason Holman Vision Services Coordinator 407-428-5751 Ext. 1308
AFTER HOURS If you are having a medical emergency, please dial 911. If you need to contact an Orange Blossom Family Health medical provider after hours, please call 407.459.6316.
MEDICAL CLINIC Medical Front Desk 407-428-5751 Nurses’ Station 407-428-5751 Ext. 1312
Roxanne Beardmore Manager of Outreach & Case Management Services 407-256-0064
HUMAN RESOURCES 407-428-5751 Ext. 1329
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Information Technology Department 407-428-5751 Ext. 1327
Our Mission: "To provide quality health care services that improve the lives of the homeless and medically indigent people of our community."
Health Care Center for the Homeless ® “One Community, One Health Center”