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Oral Health Care
At   the   Health   Care   Center   for   the   Homeless   (HCCH),   another   focal   point   of   our services   is   our   oral   health   program.   Good   oral   health   is   part   of   an   individual's overall   well-being   and   also   contributes   to   self-esteem.   Studies   have   shown   that poor   oral   health   may   be   related   to   cardiovascular   disease   and   can   impact nutritional health as well. Our   dental   clinic   resides   within   the   Orange   Blossom   Family   Health   Center,   the delivery   site   for   our   many   services   and   programs.   Oral   health   services   are provided   by   a   team   of   dentists,   hygienists,   dental   assistants,   and   students. Emergency    dental    care,    oral    screenings,    cleanings,    restoration    work,    and referrals   for   surgery   are   some   of   the   services   provided.   Low   cost   full   or   partial dentures    are    also    available    to    our    patients,    aided    in    the    process    by    our volunteer,   Sister   Jessica.   HCCH   has   an   established   pediatric   dental   program   that benefits   both   children   and   their   families   by   providing   oral   health   education.   Our newest   addition   to   this   program   is   our   mobile   dental   unit,   taking   oral   health services   out   into   the   community   with   a   focus   on   underserved   youth   in   local schools. Better   dental   care   not   only   gives   someone   a   better   smile,   but   also   helps   to   build an   individual's   confidence.   A   nice   smile   can   be   essential   in   gaining   employment in   Central   Florida's   service   driven   economy.   For   our   homeless   patients   who   have no other way of affording dentures, we have a denture sponsorship program ,  completely funded by private donations.
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