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Primary Medical Care
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Primary   health   care   is   one   of   the   foundations   of   the   Health   Care   Center   for   the Homeless   (HCCH).   Lack   of   access   to   care   is   a   major   barrier   faced   by   our homeless   and   uninsured   patients.   Chronic   illnesses   have   gone   untreated   and   in some   cases   have   reached   life   threatening   levels.   Early   detection   and   treatment are   crucial   in   managing   disease   and   many   of   our   patients   have   gone   years without seeing a medical provider by the time they arrive at our Health Center. Our    medical    staff    consists    of    a    team    of    physicians,    nurse    practitioners, physician   assistants,   registered   nurses,   medical   assistants,   and   student   interns. We    strive    to    create    a    "medical    home"    for    our    patients    with    the    goal    of preventing    the    inappropriate    use    of    the    local    emergency    rooms    for    non- emergent   situations.   Through   the   Health   Disparities   Collaborative,   a   program designed   to   reduce   disparities   in   health   outcomes   for   minority   and   underserved people,   we   use   the   Chronic   Care   model.   Through   health   education,   this   model empowers   the   patient   to   take   charge   in   managing   their   own   health.   We   provide treatment   and   evaluation   for   chronic   health   conditions   including   diabetes   and hypertension. With   the   opening   of   our   clinic,   the   Orange   Blossom   Family   Health   Center,   in 2006   we   were   able   to   double   our   prior   medical   capacity   and   reach   a   total   of eight   exam   rooms.   Our   Phase   II   expansion   in   2008   brought   our   number   of medical   exam   rooms   to   12.   In   2012   our   Phase   III   expansion   was   completed. We   currently   have   14   medical   exam   rooms   and   two   triages,   enabling   us   to serve even more patients. One   of   our   primary   goals   at   the   HCCH   is   to   reduce   the   improper   use   of   the   local emergency   rooms   for   non-emergent   care.   While   some   health   incidents   require this   kind   of   care,   many   of   our   homeless   clients   use   the   emergency   room   for primary   care   needs.   HCCH   can   address   these   needs   and   provide   a   medical home   for   our   patients.   We   employ   a   Health   Navigator   in   the   emergency   room   at Orlando   Health   who   routes   homeless   individuals   to   our   Health   Center.   Here   they can   receive   consistent   medical   care   and   education   on   how   to   manage   their   own health.   In   2009,   466   of   the   patients   our   Health   Navigator   encountered   became established   patients   at   our   Health   Center.   In   2010,   524   homeless   individuals became   regular   patients   at   the   Orange   Blossom   Family   Health   Center   after contact    with    our    Health    Navigator.    In    2010,    our    Health    Navigator    also encountered   reduced   numbers   of   homeless   individuals   within   the   emergency room at Orlando Health. As   we   provide   primary   medical   care,   we   have   an   Orange   County   Referral Specialist   on   site.   Through   this   program,   uninsured   Orange   County   residents who   qualify   are   referred   to   secondary   care   providers   in   partnership   with   the Orange   County   Health   Department.   Having   the   Referral   Specialist   here   with   our Health   Center   provides   a   great   convenience   for   our   patients   who   may   lack regular transportation. HCCH   also   administers   a   screening   mammography   program    for   our   female patients   in   greatest   need,   provided   through   a   mobile   unit   that   comes   to   our Health   Center.   This   program   began   as   a   partnership   with   the   Femmes   de   Coeur in   an   effort   to   provide   access   to   this   life   saving   service   for   women   over   40   who had   never   received   a   mammogram.   Since   its   inception   in   November   of   2006, the program has provided over 1400 mammograms.
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