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TB Shelter
The   Health   Care   Center   for   the   Homeless   (HCCH)   manages   a   residential   shelter for   homeless   individuals   suffering   from   infectious   tuberculosis.   The   only   one   of its   kind   in   Central   Florida,   this   10   bed   shelter   has   been   in   operation   since   1995 and   provides   on-site   supervised   therapy,   ensures   patient   safety,   and   limits   an infected   individual's   contact   with   the   community   as   a   whole.   Tuberculosis   is spread   through   the   air   and   TB   exposure   occurs   when   common   airspace   is shared   with   someone   who   is   in   the   infectious   stage   of   TB   for   an   extended period. The   most   commonly   affected   area   is   the   lungs,   but   TB   can   affect   other   parts   of the   body   such   as   the   kidneys,   brain,   eyes,   and   liver.   Full   recovery   usually requires    an    average    stay    of    six    months    at    our    shelter    and    patients    are monitored for their response to treatment by the Health Department. HCCH   provides   primary   medical,   dental,   and   behavioral   health   services   while the   Health   Department   addresses   any   TB   specific   issues.   Social   and   nutritional needs   are   addressed   by   HCCH   and   patients   are   provided   with   housing   and utilities   at   no   charge.   Food   for   our   TB   shelter   patients   is   supplied   by   the Emergency   Food   and   Shelter   Program   (EFSP)   and   by   local   churches.   In   2010, HCCH served eight patients with this program for a total of 744 bed nights.  
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