Health Care Center for the Homeless 232 North Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, Florida 32805 (407) 428-5751 Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Contact us for extended hours.
Our Vision Center is the only source of free optometric services for homeless individuals living in Central Florida. While we provide glasses for the purpose of vision correction, we also screen our patients for vision related issues that may result from diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Education is also provided on the importance of addressing eye health issues. Some of the vision services available within our clinic are through a partnership with Lions Club: Project Right to Sight. HCCH patients are provided with a free pair of recycled eyeglasses collected through the District 35-0 Lions Club, who acquire used glasses, classify them, and store them in their warehouse in Ocoee. Once a patient is assessed for the particular strength they need, the Lions Club provides the glasses. If the Lions Club is unable to fulfill a specific prescription needed, Optical Eyeland has generously been providing the necessary eyeglasses at no charge. HCCH provides them with recycled frames previously donated and new standard lenses are manufactured specific to the patient’s need. All frames are fitted to the patient before they are released to ensure the highest of standards.
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Health Care Center for the Homeless
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