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Primary Medical Care

Lack of access to care is a major barrier faced by homeless and uninsured community members – Health Care Center for the Homeless, Inc. (HCCH) is here to provide that access. For patients who have not seen a medical provider in years, chronic illnesses have gone untreated and, in some cases, have reached life threatening levels. Early detection and treatment are crucial in managing disease and many of our patients have gone years without seeing a medical provider by the time they arrive at our health centers.

Caring for our community as Orange Blossom Family Health and Orange Blossom Pediatrics, all our physical sites offer primary and preventive medical care. One of our primary goals at HCCH is to reduce the improper use of the local emergency rooms for non-emergent care. While some health incidents require this kind of care, many of our community members experiencing homelessness use the emergency room for primary care needs. Patients who are housed but lack health coverage may also see the emergency room as their primary option for care. HCCH addresses these needs and provides a medical home for our patients with multiple integrated services available.

Our medical staff consists of a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and medical assistants. Our Care Team creates a “medical home” for our patients, providing quality, affordable health care services in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. We use the Chronic Care model, which provides health education and empowers the patient to take charge in managing their own health. We provide treatment and evaluation for chronic health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

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